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Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Lip Sync Competition

Money Raised: $60,480.40 


Elev8hope Lip Sync Battle Charity Night, 04/25/2020

If you are a fan of karaoke, in theory, but would rather not subject your guests to the false notes your team can belt out, we have a solution for you.

Our Lip Sync Battle Charity Night offers precisely the entertainment inherent in a karaoke battle, without the fear of sounding off key. Because let’s face it, most of us are not fit to sing anywhere outside the confines of our showers. The beauty of the battle is that you can focus more on the performance itself, than hitting that very high falsetto in the chorus.

Our team can work with your team members during the run up to the big night. Even though they will not actually be singing, they do need to get their moves right. Our coaches will help you prepare (if needed )  solo and group performances with your contestants, and teach them everything they need to carry a tune, so to speak. We will also be responsible for setting everything up at the event itself and getting your folks out in the proper outfits and accessories. On the night, your guests will be awed by the talent and effort that has gone into production, and will surely wish to participate in your fundraising drive as well.

After all, there is nothing like watching a group of mostly amateurs prep for an event: all eyes on them, yet they still have to pull the act off, and convince everyone they are the next Lip Sync Battle champion. The audience cannot help but feel some genuine admiration, and that’s not even mentioning the entertainment factor.


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